Single Review: Paper Unicorn // Twin Hidden

Having seen what can be done in a little over two days with a glue stick and a whole lot of paper from indie-pop quintet Twin Hidden’s new video for their song ‘Paper Unicorn’, I would hardly blame anyone who, first time round, had simply marvelled at the culmination of the band’s skills in both origami and stop-motion photography rather than concentrating on the accompanying music.

However, with your focus spread equally, this visual embodiment of the song’s story of companionship elegantly enhances the delivery of an already masterful creation far beyond merely ‘combining music and lyrics’ to paraphrase the band themselves.

The almost melancholic opening keys coupled with lead-singer Matthew Shribman’s bright yet soothing tones which, proceed to be joined by a score of strings midway through truly instil the kind of emotion that would be expected from such a work of art.

Words by Alex G

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