Music: Marrvellous Times Ahead

Well Johnny Marr admirers and aficionados; with the news from both the man himself as well as drummer Jack Mitchell that details of his eagerly expected follow-up to debut solo album ‘The Messenger’, I reckon a spot of speculation is in order.

In regard to the record’s release date; as part of the announcement of his headline appearance at City Live (Man City’s season launch party), Johnny gave an interview with the club in which he stated that it’ll “be out at the beginning of October“with the first single ‘at the end of September’. With the UK tour kicking-off on the 13th of October and presuming Johnny’s intention would be to allow fans a decent chance to take in the new record before the gigs roll around, I can’t see the release date being announced as any day other than the first Monday of October: the 6th.


With Johnny revealing a rough time-frame for the first single’s release, those who have had the chance to listen to any of the presently known songs will undoubtedly be intrigued as to which it might be. Possibly one of the three that were debuted at Marr’s two-night residency at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club back in March; ‘Boys Get Straight’, ‘Little King’ and ‘Candidate’?  Maybe one of the few mentioned in various magazine interviews over the past few months such as ‘Easy Money’, ‘Dynamo’, ‘Speak Out Reach Out’? Who knows?

With festival season in full swing, Johnny and his band of merry men will be hitting the road up to North Yorkshire for Deershed Festival next week before heading over to Dorset, Lokeren (Belgium) and Dublin during August, finishing off with the aforementioned City Live event and Moseley Folk Festival.

When quizzed about the expected audience at City Live, Marr eluded to the fact that those of his diverse following who’s allegiances lie elsewhere will of course still be welcome at Manchester Central on August 14th. Just don’t go waltzing in sporting a United shirt while brandishing a banner emblazoned with Louis Van Gaal’s face!

For anyone who didn’t get the chance to attend the Brudenell in March or simply was unaware of their existence, the three new songs performed at those gigs can be heard here:

Words by Alex G

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