Throwback Thursday: House Party At Boothy’s // Little Man Tate

There’s a cluster of Sheffield bands that make my heart ache because they’re not together any more and up there with Milburn is Little Man Tate. Remember them? I was recently reminded about the catchy little number that is ‘House Party at Boothy’s’ so for old times sake I whacked it on and found I still new every word. I’m betting you do too:

It’s charming, well, as charming as a song with the lyrics “somebody’s thrown up on the path” can be, anyway. It’s catchy – the simplistic “drink and have a cigarette / drink and have a cigarette / kiss then ask her name” chorus doesn’t take a genius to pick up and furthermore it’s full of relatable lyrics. There’s the kid in the corner who “couldn’t be much gayer”, “bottles and cans all over the place” and girls singing to Kylie as they “try to look sexy”.

Little Man Tate’s canvas for this song is the all too familiar house party and it’s this relatable foundation that makes this song so timeless – even if the lads are no longer releasing music.

Words by Beth

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Introvert with a particular affinity for live music, eyeliner, Moleskine notebooks, caffeine and writing. Has tendency to force everyone I’ve ever met to take the Myers-Briggs test. Skills include the ability to trip over thin air, recite the first page of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, as well as type 93 words per minute. Yet still unlikely to text you back, despite being constantly attached to phone. Sorry about that.

1 Comment on Throwback Thursday: House Party At Boothy’s // Little Man Tate

  1. What a throwback! Having not heard this song in YEARS I still know everyword.

    Liked by 1 person

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