Throwback Thursday: Sappho // Tribes

Okay, so it may only be 3 years old, but a throwback is a throwback, right? Tribes were a Camden four piece that wrote beautiful lyrics before accompanying them with woozy vocals and dragging the whole lot through a muddy field of scuzzy and guitar riffs and bedraggled leather jackets. ‘Sappho’ is a track from their 2011 debut album, ‘Baby’, and takes inspiration from a Greek lesbian poet… so yeah, just the usual storyline can be expected.

Lead singer Johnny Lloyd transcends from soft, trembling whispers to raw cries as he tells of the pied piper girl leading mothers astray and tearing families apart. The time came for us to feel his pain in the November of 2013 however, as he gave us our own bit of heartbreak, announcing that Tribes had decided to ‘call it a day’. Although they’re a band whose time was cut way too short, their music is still something worth throwing back and coming of age to.

Words by Jess

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