Introducing: The Time Sellers

Name: The Time Sellers
Hometown: Sheffield/Chesterfield
Influenced By: The Beatles, The Smiths, Oasis, The Stone Roses
Download: ‘Hat And The Crown’ ‘Nothing’s What It Seems’

The Time Sellers don’t need me to sell them for you to give them the time of day – their distinctly crafted, carefully honed melodies do that on their behalf. ‘Hat And The Crown’ sounds like Humbug era Arctic Monkeys (most notably ‘Crying Lightning’) and James Bull’s vocal is thoroughly distinctive, never once faltering under the weight of the epic chord sequences and breakdowns that make up the song. Pace is sustained without, and it’s thrilling from start to finish.

Evoking thoughts of The Libertines or The Rifles, ‘Nothing’s What It Seems’ is a catchy little number that has your foot tapping along from the word go. There’s the drawl on the vocal that sounds like indie bands such as Jaws or Catfish and the Bottlemen, but this music isn’t boyish, by any means. There’s teenage angst in abundance, sure. Yet these are ‘laddish’ anthems – songs for men, not boys – as they’re meaty and full of substance. We’re looking forward to hearing what The Time Sellers have up their sleeves, for sure.

The band have some live dates coming up:
West Street Live, Sheffield – 7th October
The Rocking Chair, Sheffield 30th October
Dronfield Social Live – 1st November

Follow the band on Twitter @timesellers
Give The Time Sellers a like on Facebook

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Introvert with a particular affinity for live music, eyeliner, Moleskine notebooks, caffeine and writing. Has tendency to force everyone I’ve ever met to take the Myers-Briggs test. Skills include the ability to trip over thin air, recite the first page of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, as well as type 93 words per minute. Yet still unlikely to text you back, despite being constantly attached to phone. Sorry about that.

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