Song Of The Week (6th October): St Christopher // Jamie T

To celebrate the long overdue release of the exceptional third album ‘Carry On The Grudge’ from Mr Jamie Treays, I decided to delve into his vast array of B sides and pluck out ‘St Christopher’ from the ‘Sticks ‘n’ Stones’ EP. To put it simply it is criminal that this song is only a B side as it is quite possibly the best track he has ever produced.

At dead on 4 minutes it sees Jamie T at his most vulnerable (think Emily’s Heart) as his trademark rough South London drawl is made tender against beautifully fragile guitar, ghostly piano and solemn violins that occasionally give way to the patter of cymbals. Yet the chorus of “but oh when you see him / He’s smiling at the ceiling / And telling you he’s never growing old” that carries a sense of comfort to them that can create emotion in anyone. There is no other way of putting it; this song is simply a masterpiece and it highlights the talent of one of the best song writers this country has produced in recent times. Welcome back Mr Treays, you beautiful bugger.


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