Throwback Thursday: Weekend Wars // MGMT

Sometimes it’s hard to remember MGMT produced a whole load of tracks along side edgy anthems ‘Kids’ and ‘Electric Feel’ – but when they’re this good, it’s important that we do. ‘Weekend Wars’ comes from their 2007 album ‘Oracular Spectacular’ and kinda went along unnoticed to mainstream air waves.

It’s basically a build up from a down tempo acoustic guitar and Andrew Vanwyngarden’s raw falsetto vocals to an electronic harmony of all things quirky and psychedelic. The lyrics have question marks dotted all around them but, c’mon, it’s MGMT…they sing about electric eels, shooting heroin, fucking with stars and, um, families of trees. Besides, by now we’ve kind of all learnt to just go with it.

Words by Jess Readett

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