Song Of The Week (10th November): Girl! // Terror Pigeon

‘Girl!’ is a delightful little melody from Nashville based Terror Pigeon. The floaty saccharine vocal that opens the track is evocative of Stars; the male backing vocal only consolidates this feeling. Yet there’s something more uplifting, more infectious, more involving in this track than Stars ever manage to elicit with their music.

It’s got a driving beat with unobtrusive instrumental throughout; the song is carried by the singing alone. As far as lyrics go they are not that complicated or clever, but that’s what has led to such a brilliantly catchy chorus: I certainly “wanna be there” shouting along in the front row at a Terror Pigeon gig. All I ask is that they come to the UK sometime soon!

About Beth Kirkbride (73 Articles)
Introvert with a particular affinity for live music, eyeliner, Moleskine notebooks, caffeine and writing. Has tendency to force everyone I’ve ever met to take the Myers-Briggs test. Skills include the ability to trip over thin air, recite the first page of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, as well as type 93 words per minute. Yet still unlikely to text you back, despite being constantly attached to phone. Sorry about that.

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