Introducing: Larkins

Name: Larkins
Hometown: Manchester (Glossop/Salford)
Check out: ‘Good Old Fashioned Love’ & ‘Bitter Lady’

“The limelight’s right where it should be” professes the second verse of ‘Good Old Fashioned Love’, however if that were true in this case,  we’d be hearing hell of a lot more about a band bursting with potential like Larkins in the wider circles of music, than we currently are. A four-piece outfit hailing from around Manchester, led by the soulful vocals of Josh Noble, fleshed-out by Dom Want’s effervescently catchy lead guitar, coupled with sharp, to-the-point bass lines from Jamie Spencer, all the while held together by the subtle yet prevalent drums of Matt Williams.

Many other bands in a similar situation to Larkins, with each member now studying at their respective universities, may well have crumbled due to sparse availability of practice/jam/writing sessions, but not these guys and It is a testament to their drive, passion and belief in the songs they’re continuing to produce. They current don’t have any upcoming gigs, however after meeting them at their most recent gig last week, I got the feeling that this may not be the case for long.

Follow Larkins on Twitter @LarkinsBand & why not give ’em a like on Facebook too while you’re at it!

Words by Alex Graham





About Alex Graham (9 Articles)
I’m an aspiring filmmaker & musician (well, I like to think so) living in Huddersfield. I currently study Architecture, but will be transferring to Film Production. Anytime I’m in my room, music will likely be blaring out from somewhere; be it my guitar or record player. I also have a penchant for watching films as well as making them. Any money I have goes on gigs, records or films. The dream would be to eventually be able to watch a film of my own making on the big screen. I know, not too much to ask, right?

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