My Life In Songs: Hannah Campbell

After last week where the legendary Frank Turner tried his hand at defining his life in 5 songs, this week it’s back to the ordinary – but nonetheless interesting – Indiependent team. It’s Hannah’s turn to pick 5 tracks that define her life… take it away, Hannah!

Fly On The Wall // Miley Cyrus

Downloading Miley Cyrus’ Breakout album was something I insisted upon when I received my first ever iPod. Being called Hannah myself, obviously I felt a personal connection to the double-life star. It was an edgy song (at the time anyway) and I really liked it. I also recognise it because, looking at it with a 2014 perspective, it’s crazy to think that at some point in time this was considered the ‘out of control Miley Cyrus’; I guess nobody really expected the wrecking ball after this video, including nothing more than a bit of violent hair flicking. It simply had to be on the list, most importantly because dancing around my living room to this with my friend Rachel in year 7, is something that was clearly set to lay the foundation for a fantastic friendship.

Under The Bridge // Red Hot Chili Peppers

What a musical masterpiece this song is. I’m simply including it because it will always be one of my favourites, and no matter how many times I hear it (it must be well into thousands by now) the effect never deteriorates. If I ever end up being in a decent band, it’ll be the first song I want to cover, and I’m insanely jealous that I didn’t come up with it first. Anthony Kiedis is one of the best vocalists I think the modern day has seen, and it doesn’t take long into the song for him to captivate you. What a song it is, and what a song it will always be.

Rape Me // Nirvana

Listening to Nirvana for the first time is something I personally thank myself for, because I’ve gained so much from them in so little time. I actually get a bit emotional thinking about it (which I am suppressing to maintain my angsty teen vibe, obviously). When I first started to discover them, I realised that “only knowing the chorus to Smells Like Teen Spirit” was severely frowned upon and I became focused on looking like an expert on their music (telling my 14 year old self that I can listen to whatever the hell I want as long as I enjoy it, would have been helpful at this point). I was intrigued by Rape Me as the title was shocking, controversial and always heavily criticised, which meant I was excited by the idea that people may not approve of it. I truly felt like the bee’s knees listening to it on my Blackberry Curve.

I’ll Be There For You // The Rembrandts

Simply put, anybody who doesn’t like Friends cannot be trusted; ‘stay away’ is my advice. I became completely obsessed with the American sitcom when I was about eight years old, watching two episodes, then watching the same two straight afterwards on e4+1, resulted in me getting banned from it by my Dad. Thus meaning that the famous theme song had to be on my list, the opening guitar riff signals nothing but happiness for me. All of the characters relate to a different one of my friends which makes watching it and hearing the theme even more enjoyable for me (apparently I’m Chandler, I can deal with that).

Since I’ve Been Loving You // Led Zeppelin

I’ve already mentioned getting teary eyed about Nirvana, and unfortunately the impact of this song on me is no different. If I was writing a ‘My Life in Songs’ piece at any point in my life in the future, this would always be there, it’s timeless. I’m lucky that I’m surrounded by people with a similar music taste to me, and this song takes me back to a friend’s birthday; the song came on and everyone let out a collective ‘ah’ in appreciation of Led Zeppelin’s glory, ever present in this piece of lyrical and musical genius. I want it played for the first dance at my wedding, I want it played at my funeral. Honestly, it needs to be there at every significant point in my life, because otherwise, it won’t be as significant.

Which songs would define your life? Tell us@indie_pendent_


4 Comments on My Life In Songs: Hannah Campbell

  1. Hannah, this is such a good article (especially for your first time) and I’m really proud of you. P.s am I Phoebe?

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  2. This is some good stuff right here

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