Throwback Thursday: Can’t Stand Me Now // The Libertines

Devoting a Throwback Thursday to The Libertines after 2014 seems only fitting; last year saw the Londoners propelled from little more than indie folk law that once may have existed, to one of the most talked about comebacks of the year. Pete Doherty and co confirmed that they will release a new album in 2015, after high profile appearances and a lengthy stay at a Thai rehab facility. However, let us put our anticipation on hold for a moment as we pause and pay tribute to one of the tracks that made us fall for the Likely lads in the first place.

This song especially showcases the back and forth relationship shared by Pete Doherty and band mate Carl Barat. On the back of the group’s successful first album, this single (The Libertines’ highest charter) tells the fans that the cracks are beginning to show as the band starts to reach its famous soap opera status. More than just a journal of separation, this is a beautiful entity which blends lovelorn reflection with heartache and regret and encapsulates everything that has come to be regarded as Libertine-esque.

The most poignant piece of the song comes in the pre-chorus as the two vocalists sing to each other “You can’t take me anywhere”“I can’t take you anywhere”; a tribute to Carl’s frustration with Pete’s drug use and misbehaviour?

The heartbreaking element of this track is further exasperated by the fact that it was beaten to the number one spot by ‘3 Of Kind’ with their track Babycakes.

Words by Matt Ganfield

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