Introducing: Nick Liam

Name: Nick Liam

Hometown: London

Check out: ‘Cocoon’ and ‘Bread Alone’

London based singer songwriter and keyboard player, Nick Liam, is a perfect example of how simplicity is often the best approach to things. By using only his voice, piano, and in some cases some percussion, he has expressed his emotions perfectly- vocally and instrumentally. The fact that he doesn’t use a lot of instruments but his songs are still very enjoyable shows the talent that he possesses.

In ‘Cocoon’ he sings “We get out from the noise […] It’s hard to take it in, in this cocoon.” These emotive lyrics are met with an array of piano chords, and midway through the song a fitting drumbeat. This dynamic change really picks up the song, and the way the song slows down towards the end makes it more engaging.

His songs are generally quite dark but filled with sentimental value. His voice has a very raw edge to it. Contrastingly to ‘Cocoon’, in the track ‘Bread Alone’, the piano is far more melodic, giving it a very impressive sound. Additionally, the track features some harsher lyrics such as, “a faithful friend is hard to find”-Liam expressing the hardships of life. Another aspect which is different to ‘Cocoon’ is the fact the track is just made up of vocals and piano, but this doesn’t take away from the impassioned and touching sounds.

Nick Liam is one to check out, especially if you like artists such as Adele because they are comparable. You can check out his tracks on Spotify, and follow him on Twitter to keep up with his music.

Words by Tamara Somasundaram


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