Throwback Thursday: Golden Skans // Klaxons

This cosmic tune is arguably one of the defining pop songs of last decade. Seven years later and you will find that anyone is at least bobbing their heads in acknowledgement of this radiant song. What really makes this track is the iconic “oo-oo-ee-oo-ah” immersed in the fist-pumping rhythm and layers of rigorous sound. The three piece never did disappoint with their rave ready songs, it takes you somewhere else on the dance floor, exploring inside your subconscious as it rattles your brain.

The reverberant piano chords soften the blow of the heightened bass whilst maintaining the air of sci-fi and fantasy. You can visualise in 1000 years’ time, Klaxons booming out of a spaceship as it flies past. It has that quality that you know could last forever: this track will never get old, the honey-sweet charm it possesses will hypnotise people endlessly.

Words by Ella Thorns

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