My Life In Songs: Hayley Lynes

Imagine you’re a parent, asked to pick your favourite child. That’s how being a music lover asked to define your life in five songs feels and yet we make our writers do it anyway. This week the difficult task fell to Indiependent writer Hayley. Here are five tracks that define her life…

Arctic Monkeys // From The Ritz To The Rubble

This was the song that changed me. It was early 2005 when none other than my dad told me about a ‘little band’ he’d heard about through Myspace and claimed “they’re going to be huge.”  I don’t think my dad, or anyone for that matter, truly knew just how big Arctic Monkeys would turn out to be.

This was the first song I heard from the now legendary band and standing the test of time, remains to be my favourite of them all. There’s something so raw yet comforting about Turners angsty voice, combined with the simple riffs and genius lyrics. It’s a typical early Arctic Monkeys song and is one that moulded me as a teenager. It was my go-to song to put on at a party, or to listen to on the brisk walk to school and is one of the only songs I will (probably) never get bored of.

The Cribs // Our Bovine Public

As the first track on the cult classic ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’ this song makes a huge impact on first listen. The album is often first choice when it came to long distance driving, which is something that took up a large chunk of my time at university, so a ton of memories are associated with this song, mainly with my other half and our time living in Kent. Agreeing on an album choice for any car journey is not our strong point, but this is one of our combined favourite albums of all time and so when this came on, we would play it on repeat and belt it out every time. There’s something so satisfying about pretending to be Ryan Jarman and literally shouting the lyrics whilst whizzing down the M25.

Cyndi Lauper // Girls Just Want To Have Fun

A sneak peek into my love for 80s music – I promise, it isn’t all this cheesy. There’s something so uplifting about this. It’s such a ‘girl power’ song and is one that I will ALWAYS request on a night out – despite having listened to it about 1000 times already at pre-drinks. It’s just such a great song and really kept me going through some crappy times because let’s face it – who can’t help but dance to this? Cyndi Lauper is a huge idol for me and has a million other fabulous songs, but the feels this one gives me just about tops them all.

Daughter // Youth

This song brings tears to my eyes every damn time. I think it was probably featured on Skins, or some other teenage series I watched on Channel 4, as it brings back a huge sense of nostalgia for me. I’m a sucker for beautiful female vocalists (who isn’t) but Elena Tonra is just amazing. I can’t even explain the way this song makes me feel so melancholic, yet blissful all at once. I remember re-discovering this song whilst at University and I must have played it over and over for at least 3 months. The simplicity is what makes this song so mesmerizing and meaningful to me – I honestly don’t think I could ever go without it again.

The Libertines // Death On The Stairs

The Libertines are, obviously, my favourite band of all time. There’s something about The Libertines that seems to divide the indie music loving population – those who get it, and those who don’t. “What’s so special about them?”  On paper, they’re just an indie punk band from London who only managed to record two full albums. It’s the passion. And the back stories. With each song, you get a tiny insight into what it’s like to be a ‘Libertine’ and that’s what makes them so fascinating. Along with all the obvious factors that make them great – genius song writing, catchy riffs and amazing live performances. When I FINALLY got to see them at Reading 2010, I was over the moon. Not gonna lie, I cried throughout the whole thing. I barely remember anything, other than the crowd going wild for ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ and the feeling of “It can’t get better than this.” It did, and I’ve now seem them a total of three times, with Ally Pally being the best live performance I’ve ever seen. All in all, this is the song that makes this whole thing worthwhile.

Libertines forever.

Which songs would define your life? Tell us@indie_pendent_


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