Song of the Week (2nd February): Don’t Mess With Me // Brody Dalle

As if anyone would want to mess with Brody Dalle, ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ off of her solo debut album Diploid Love is an in-your-face warning sign to all who think differently. The former front-woman of The Distillers and Spinnerette released her solo debut album after a five year break, where we can see her experimenting with a new style of haunting piano ballads. All this whilst still incorporating the chaotic rolling guitars, bass, drums, synths and other musical instruments from the old Brody we all know and love.

Once seen as the dark and seductive punk singer with deafening screams, exhilarating guitar hooks and contagious energy, Dalle is now seen as a happier, more matured wife and mother. “I am ready to be free from the past and move on” she said in an interview with NME, which Diploid Love clearly reflects in her more personal approach to music, even incorporating details of her marriage with Josh Homme into the tracks.  However the words “And fight you to the death / Cause where I stood I will not give up”, show she has not gone completely soft. “They really think I’m gonna run run run / They really think I’m gonna run run run” and “You don’t wanna don’t wanna / Don’t wanna mess with me” the singer sneers with her raspy voice as the amplifier reverberates the power of her words letting ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ stand alone as a beacon to her new-found strength.

We can only take her word for it that Brody Dalle is not one to mess with.

Words by Sophie V.


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