A Blast From The Past

A Blast From The Past: VS // Pearl Jam

January 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

A touch of thrash. A pinch of genius lyrics. A sprinkle of arrogantly long song titles. A whole lotta’ grunge. Mix them all together and you’ll get VS. After the phenomenal success that the debut album, Ten, bestowed upon Pearl Jam, the band had great expectations to live up to. And boy did [Read More]

A Blast From The Past: Definitely Maybe // Oasis

January 5, 2015 // 0 Comments

Back in the summer of 1994, the world was still coming to terms with Kurt Cobain’s suicide and Britpop was still in its infancy. The genre had begun to make an impact the previous year with Suede’s eponymous glitter-tinged debut album, the Englishness of Blur’s Modern Life Is Rubbish, and [Read More]

A Blast From The Past: Hypnotised // The Undertones

January 4, 2015 // 0 Comments

Do you think a punk album needs to scream ‘politically motivated’ in order to catapult itself into significance? Think again. The simplicity of the Undertones’ gritty and vibrant second record Hypnotised is what makes it truly great: in fact, the entire album’s subject matter can summarised [Read More]