‘The Indiependent’ is an online platform that was born in July 2014. It came into being because I felt that many sites have walls, between the producers and the consumers of the articles contained within. I don’t like that sense of separation, with the elitism that surrounds popular music review sites especially.

I think the best type of journalism is that which is written by people who genuinely love or loathe what they’re writing about. If you don’t feel inspired to write a feature or you merely have dollar signs in your eyes, then you shouldn’t really be a journalist. Journalism is a really potent, powerful tool that has the power to captivate and in turn, inspire hundreds of thousands of people. The power of social media is phenomenal and we live in an age where it’s so so easy to access that power.

My aim was to create a digital platform for fans – of all ages – to write about what they know, what they love and – in some cases – what they hate. In turn their thoughts, feelings and views but most of all their passion, would be translated to the masses via social media.

It’s still early days, but with a team of over 150 writers and six reliable, hard-working editors, I really believe we can get The Indiependent off the ground. I’d like The Indiependent to be the go to site – with not only a high calibre of digital content, but run by tomorrow’s journalists. I want our contributors to be supported in the creation of their pieces; I want them to receive constructive feedback that enables them – and in turn, The Indiependent – to be the best they possibly can be.

I’d like The Indiependent to be the next big thing, and I genuinely hope that the rest of the team and I have the determination and perseverance to see this become a reality.

Beth Kirkbride

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